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How to uplift mood when you are down? 7 steps to attain calmness.

How to uplift mood when you are down?

        7 steps to attain the calmness

Every pain is a gift. Every pain is an opportunity.”                                                       Maxime Lagace


        There are moments in your life when you found yourself entangled with pain and down in mood. During this time you’ve been late to work three times a week, have been struggling to get to sleep and even more so trying to wake up. Maybe you felt frazzled in traffic or forgot to text your brother on his birthday and it’s still playing on your mind. And now you can feel that tickle in your throat that hints at an oncoming flu or something of a corona type.

       We all worry and get upset from time to time. It’s a normal part of life, right? But what happens when that anxiety or anger takes over, and you can’t calm down? Being able to calm yourself in the moment is often easier said than done.

    At many times you may not remain positive and uplifting mood may not be an easy thing as the things affecting us may be far beyond our control.

    There are times when you cannot control what is happening to you but you can always control about how you respond to the given situation. So. Whenever you are down you have to respond appropriately so that you can uplift yourself.

      Team Inspiring Life provides you with 7 (Seven) strategies to uplift your mood when you are down.

7 strategies to uplift your  mood.
1. Go for walk.

         Walking always helps me clear my head and shed negative energy. It’s especially therapeutic if you choose to walk at a scenic location.  Whenever you are down temperature and air circulation in a room can increase your anxiety or anger. If you’re feeling tense and the space you’re in is hot and stuffy, this could trigger a panic attack.

This is the reason that you should remove yourself from that environment as soon as possible and go outside — even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Not only will the fresh air help calm you down, but also the change of scenery can sometimes interrupt your anxious or angry thought process.

2. Change your focus.

This is an important aspect and strategy that is required for uplifting your mood whenever you are down. You have to get to the root of your problem. After you get to the root of the problem, you have to alter your focus on something quite different which would propagate your vision and help you uplift from the given situation.

So, changing your focus from the current scenario would definitely help you uplift your mood.

3. Release the anxiety or anger.

       In this strategy if you are down because of some anxiety and anger, then try to release that anger or anxiety in a positive manner. Try to release your anxiety by treating yourself with chocolates or releasing your anger by walk or brisk exercise.

Releasing your anxiety or anger in a positive manner would help you to revive your mood positively.

4. Listen to music.

      The next time you feel your anxiety level cranking up, grab some headphones and tune in to your favourite music. Listening to music can have a very calming effect on your body and mind.

Music had always given us a boost of our mood.


5. Identify pressure point to boost your mood.

Going for a massage or getting acupuncture is a wonderful way to manage anxiety and anger. But it’s not always easy to find time in your day to make it happen. The good news is, you can do acupressure on yourself for instant anxiety relief.

This method involves putting pressure with your fingers or your hand at certain points of the body. The pressure releases the tension and relaxes your body.

One area to start with is the point where the inside of your wrist forms a crease with your hand. Press your thumb on this area for two minutes. This can help relieve tension and boost your mood.

6. Smell a cuppa

     That’s right, take a big whiff of your morning coffee or tea before you drink it. The scent of the drinks can be enough to help reduce your stress levels.

   This would definitely boost up your mood and enhance energy to some extent.

7. Be grateful.

Write down all the things in life that you’re grateful for. Perhaps consider doing this each day. It can help keep you mind focused on being positive so that you have a better outlook when you face a difficulty. 

 Practicing genuine gratitude on a daily basis should be a major source of healing in your life. When you step back and notice everything you have to be grateful for, it should make you feel like you have everything you need and that nothing is lacking. It will make you feel whole and boost your mood.


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