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How to create your Life of Love? 7 steps to attain the same

How to create your Life of Love?

                 7 steps to attain the same

There is a hidden desire within all of us to live a life that we love. Working on different vocation, majority of us desires to have a life of love but unwilling to find the path that may take us to that goal.

      Life of love might seems like a mirage to us but it is the point of bliss and happiness. However, finding and living your life of love is one of the most important endeavors you will ever undertake.  Once you are living your passion, the quality of your life will improve dramatically.  When you are doing something you love — something you feel deeply engaged in — everything feels easier and more joyful.

      There is a process to uncovering your passion and living your life of love.  It isn’t hard, but it does take commitment, patience, and tenacity.  There are many practical considerations in addition to the research and experimentation required in figuring out exactly what is the best fit for you.

      But don’t be disheartened, because it is so worth it.  And once you make the decision to work toward your passion, you’ll find the daily actions you take to get there offer so much satisfaction on their own.  When you know a great outcome is ahead, the work to reach that outcome doesn’t really feel like work.

       Team Inspiring Life provides you with 7 powerful steps to create your life of love

7 steps to create your Life of Love.

1. Make your vision

You have to decide exactly what you want your life to look like at the end of this process, in every area of your life. Write your vision where you can see it every day.  You can revise it along the way if you want.

 You have had the chance to reflect on your life and where ever it needs a fine tuning you can fine tune the same and thereby creates a vision of your own life. Think about how you feel every day.

2. Examine your current Life

You’ve been focused on what you don’t like about your life, but examine your current life to see how much of it matches your vision.  You want to maintain those things and remember that part of your vision is already happening.

       If you are currently not loving your life, you should need to find out why? You need to ask yourself some tough questions and figure out what’s happening in your life and what isn’t ?

       Decide what holding you back

3. Hold yourself Accountable.

Take responsibility for your own actions and results. Yes, there are jerks out there and stuff happens. However, if you can try to own and understand your own part in every single thing that happens to you; you actually gain power.

     Yet, with self-awareness and analyzing the part you played,  you learned and accepted that you played a part in your own bad experiences.

Usually, in any experience of mine that doesn’t go well, you can pinpoint some of your own actions that contributed to your results. Of course, it’s easier to see these in hindsight.

You like to think though that by taking responsibility for your own actions—you’ll be better prepared the next time to make better decisions. Better decisions in the now create better results in the future!


4. Refresh your relationship.

On your progress towards creating your life of love, you need to refresh your relationship. Some people are better at this than others.  You fall into the not-so-great at this group. You tend to be very self-involved and introspective.

       You like people and I’m fairly social but you forget birthdays and important dates. You get paralyzed over what to do when someone is going through bad times. Yet, in the past few years, I’ve made the conscious decision to do better.  You call people. You make plans to get together. You really try to remember important dates. Relationships, usually don’t end because of one thing. They often end because of long periods of neglect. Your relationships are truly one of the reasons you live a life you love.

       In this way you are not only supposed to actively involve in your life all those people who are adding value and providing positive guidance. Whenever you are feeling lonely, don’t isolate yourself letting them know about  your problem as at times, they may prove to be an asset to you.

   Release yourself from the toxic relation and renew your relations meter so that you can live a life of love.

Life of Love
5. Clear the Clutter

Not only physical clutter but the clutter of too many distractions, activities and commitments that suck your time and energy needs to be cleared. Get rid of the clutters from your life, clear your desk from the things you don’t need any longer.

    Have a faith in one thing that there are many things which no longer require to us, things, our opinion and thoughts, learnings and other processes required for our life.

6. Take Action

Taking the first real action toward your dream is scary.  It might be signing up for a course, taking out a loan, volunteering, or buying an instrument.  This is the first action that says to you, “I’m committed to changing my life.”  You may not feel 100% sure that your first step is the right step, but you have to take it to find out.  So set a date and take it.

7. Finally, Listen to your heart

The large majority of people are not going to grant us permission to go out and succeed at the highest levels. In fact, our desires for success, more often than not, may make others feel “less-than.” Other people, to build themselves up, to avoid facing their own fears, often do all they can to put the fear into that what we desire is not possible.

       If our desires make other people feel inferior or as if they’re not doing enough, not our circus not our monkey. Bottom line, we must listen to our own heart, and give ourselves the permission we need to go out and grab the life we want. We will likely leave people behind. The benefit is this lightens our load. When these losses feel painful, we must ask ourselves what are we really losing? A person who doesn’t want us to succeed to levels we dream for ourselves. Maybe this isn’t a loss, but rather a gain.


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