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5 steps to get rid of negativity.

 One of the worst thing that happens to us is when negativity starts getting inside us. The negativity impairs us to such an extent that we forget all the best things we have in our life. The reason behind the negativity could be numerous but one of the main reason for the same is our over dependence on the peer opinion. Whatever, it is let us always avoid negative thoughts and negativity in our life. Some important steps to get rid of negativity are:

1. Realise the distortions of our thinking: Our minds have clever and persistent ways of convincing us of something that isn’t really true. These inaccurate thoughts reinforce negative thinking. If you can recognize them, you can learn to challenge them. Basically, the negative thinking pattern in negativity takes the following forms i) Seeing everything as one way or another, without any in between.ii) Assuming you are to blame for anything that goes wrong, like thinking someone did not smile at you because you did something to upset her. (It’s more likely that person is having a hard day and her mood had nothing to do with you.) iii) Choosing to see only the negative side of a situation and iv) Assuming the worst possible outcome is going to happen.

 2. Challenge negative thoughts. : Whenever you have a distorted thought, stop and evaluate whether it is accurate. Think about how you would respond if a friend spoke about herself that way. You would probably offer a good rebuttal to his or her negative view. Apply the same logic to your own thoughts. Ask yourself if you are assuming the worst will happen or blaming yourself for something that has not gone the way you wanted. And then think about other possible outcomes or reasons that something turned out differently than you hoped.

 3.  Filtering out the thoughts properly: It is possible to learn how to separate from negative thoughts. One way to do this is to allow yourself a certain amount of time (maybe five minutes) with the thought. Then take a break from focusing on it and move on with your day.

 4  Stop Judging: We all judge ourselves and others, usually unconsciously. Constantly comparing ourselves to other people or comparing our lives to some ideal breeds dissatisfaction. When you are able to let go of judgment (not easy, but possible), you will likely feel more at ease. Some ways to take a break from judgmental thoughts include recognizing your own reaction, observing it, and then letting it go.

  5 Focussing on strength and Moving forward with a helping hand:  Being human we are always tend to focus on our negative things and look towards the things which are our weaknesses. However, instead if we try to focus more on our strength, easier it will be to feel positive about ourself and the direction our life is taking. If you find yourself thinking harsh thoughts about your personality or actions, take a moment to stop and think about something you like about yourself. Together with this we should move forward with a positive outlook and pay gratitude to the people in need and helping them in challenging times.  In this way we will be able to make other feel happy which in turn would make us feel happy and generate positivity. Thus we would be able to get rid of negativity..


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