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How to remain mentally fit to attain success in 5 simple way?

How to remain mentally fit to attain success?

5 simple steps

The world is going through a tough time in today’s world with pandemic and all the thing related to it has been the cause of stress, worries, anxiety, and fear of the unknown are upsetting us all. Sure, some are more affected than others. That’s why we have to be mindful of the most vulnerable. Society must relinquish selfishness, especially in times where the fate of one impacts on many.

   What is Mental fitness? It is referred to the psychosocial wellbeing, which means creating positivity in the way we feel, think, learn and act. It is an umbrella concept which includes factors such as emotional safety that helps one to face and cope up with various situations and problems. Developing a fit mentality especially in times of a pandemic is essential for your wellbeing as it has an immediate effect on your physical fitness. It is about an individual’s resilience, balance, self-actualization and ability to enjoy life.

      Here are 5 simple tips to keep yourself mentally fit and healthy while staying home during these unprecedented times.

5 simple tips to remain mentally fit for success.

1. Meditation

 Meditation is the way into a personal mental muscle-building playground. It strengthens our ability to watch (hopefully with a sense of humor) all of the wacky, unhelpful, and troubling things that our minds do and is the first step in interrupting and shifting the mental habits that cause us trouble. Meditation also helps us to focus and tune out distractions.

       Daily meditation is perhaps the single greatest thing you can do for your mind/body health. Meditation not only relaxes you; it gives your brain a workout. By creating a different mental state, you engage your brain in new and interesting ways while increasing your brain fitness.

2. Eat Right.

Eating the right things at the right time is one of the best practices to keep our self mentally fit. Research clearly indicates that certain foods can boost our brain power and help us stay mentally healthy. Eating nutritious and wholesome food those rich in Omega 6 fatty acids at the right time is extremely important, like a bowl of granola with milk and fruits or poha/idli for breakfast.

     Your brain needs you to eat healthy fats. Focus on fish oils from wild salmon, nuts such as walnuts, seeds such as flax seed and olive oil. Eat more of these foods and less saturated fats. Eliminate transfats completely from your diet.

      Replace your unhealthy 4 pm snacks with healthier alternatives. Proper nutrition is a key component of a healthy life. Consuming food rich in vitamin B like green leafy vegetables, dry fruits and dairy products is essential for our brain regulators.

3. Have proper rest and sleep.

Getting eight hours a day is incredibly important for physical and psychological health. Apart from bodily harm, sleep deprivation will weaken your mental sharpness, ability to handle stress, and emotional stability. A good night’s sleep is paramount.

       No different than taking a break in between sprints or a set of deadlifts, your brain needs time to reset and recharge. Rest has been stigmatized for so long that many of us feel lazy when we relax and fear that downtime will hurt our productivity. The truth is, adequate rest increases our focus, creativity, and energy so that we can be more productive and efficient.

mentally fit

4. Drink enough water.

One of our most neglected requirements throughout the day is water. Most people don’t drink nearly enough. Remember the 8×8 rule, meaning eight glasses of eight ounces (237 ml) of water daily. The human body is composed of roughly 70% water, which is necessary for cellular functions.

    Beside, proper eating consuming equally good quantity of water will make it a better for your brain and help you to remain equally fit proceeding to your success.

5. Exercise daily.

Physical exercise is great brain exercise too. By moving your body, your brain has to learn new muscle skills, estimate distance and practice balance. Choose a variety of exercises to challenge your brain.

Following regular exercise pattern for at least 30 minutes in a day not only helps physical health but also mental health. As exercise generates oxygen and chemicals in the brain, that improves our mood flow and also helps the parts of the brain which are responsible for learning and memory. Exercising at home can be simple as there are number of options available today for most ages and abilities, including yoga videos or workout application, that can help one stay fit physically and mentally. 


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