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Success Mantra

How to attain success? 5 habits to avoid.

Have you ever thought how a person become successful? What is the definition of success for them? Have they come from Mars or have they got some different quality that make them attain Success. To many people success means different things. Some people may see this as being rich and having all of the material things that anyone could ever dream of. Other people may see success as being in a place in their life that they never thought could happen. Some people may see owning their first home as being achievement , while others see having a job they have always dreamed of as being a true trophy.

      Whatever and where ever is the definition of your goal there is only one way to attain it and that is by getting rid of the bad habits.

The following are the bad habits that one should get rid of to attain their goal.

  5 habits get rid of to attain success.

1.  Fear of failure.

People tend to view this as a personality trait more than a habit. But like anything else, if you allow the fear of failure to become ingrained, it becomes a difficult habit to break.

Every time you avoid doing something because you’re afraid of failing, you’re practicing that bad habit. Instead, practice embracing new challenges without letting worry and anxiety hold you back. After all, failing is part of life. The only true failure is letting fear limit you or prevent you from moving forward. When you fall down (and you will), get back up and keep trying. That’s the only way of breaking free and empowering yourself to fly.

2.Wasting Time

Texts. Emails. Social media. Television. All great things—and all extremely distracting. Technology is a tremendous resource. It gets you connected and provides access to valuable information. But at the same time, can be super easy to get sucked into diversions and foolishness.

We love our gadgets and zoning out in front of the television or gaming console. But what does that really do for you? When your mom told you that you were rotting your brain staring at the TV she had a point. How many successful people do you know who waste hours every day being a couch potato? Stop mindlessly flipping through channels. Stop wasting time obsessively scrolling through social media. Start doing.


3. Negative Thinking.

The one thing that keeps the success away from us is the negative thoughts and behaviour. Negative behaviors and thoughts will only hold you back. Allowing a contradictory or negative mindset to take hold is like allowing a poison to invade your brain. Don’t do it.

Once you’ve started down that path, it’s hard to stop the downward spiral into negativity. Doubt, frustration and depression often follow close behind. The best thing you can do for yourself is to become aware of your triggers. What starts you down a pessimistic road? Once you recognize the triggers, you can stop negative internal dialogue before it has time to bring you down. As soon as you feel yourself slipping into adverse thinking, pivot into the positive.

4. Not taking care of your health.

The worst part of what we do to us is exaggerate our activities to the extent that our health is compromised. The moment our health is compromised we can no longer perform to the extent we should be doing. This would then affect adversely to attain our goal.

So, never neglect your health.

5. Trying to please others.

What a waste of our valuable time we do, when we try to please others and everyone in that sense. The truth is, you should never appease other people if it means severely compromising yourself in the process.

You have to accept the fact that not everyone is going to love and adore you. In fact, that should inspire you to work harder for those who actually “get” you. It’s time to stand up for yourself. Read the article When I said No . Stop trying to justify yourself to everyone and focus on the friends who accept you.

Stay true to yourself, and you’ll end up being more helpful to others.

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