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How to get rid of Negative energy in 7 simple tips?

     Energy is the integral part of life and the same comes to us in various form practically as positive and the negative. Negative energy does affects us very badly and our overall growth and movement towards our goal.

            Negative energy affects all of us and more often than we realize. Because for many of us, negative thinking comes easier than positive. Surely, life comes with ups and downs. But actively expecting a down when everything is going right in your life can create unnecessary worries. It is said that we are wired to expect danger because our ancestors who lived in the wild had to be alert all the time, to stay safe. But since we don’t live in that age and there is no potential danger anymore, we don’t need to live with this stress.

           Negativity comes from three sources- from within us, from our surrounding or events and from negative people. This is an invisible life force that flows through every environment, and when that energy gets blocked it becomes negative. Maybe you’ve brought stress home from your job, or you’re having frequent negative thoughts or emotions. These can get imprinted in your space and accumulate to create what’s almost like invisible “clutter” that slows down the energy and affects how you feel there.

It’s always best to have someone knowledgeable do a professional space-clearing in your home, to fully transform the energy, but there are also things you can easily do right now to change the feel of the place! 

There are 7 steps through which you can clear the negativity from your life.

7 steps to get rid of negativity.

1. Avoid negative people

In order to be able to get rid of negative energy, you must first start with your environment. As you already know the people around you influence you in the way you develop your inner thoughts. To build long-term protection from negativity you must first get rid of all people with bad energy surrounding you.

Avoid people:

  1. Who spread negativity?
  2. Who always complains?
  3. Can’t take responsibility for their failure.
  4. Do no good to you.

Avoid negative people whenever possible. Even if someone complains only occasionally you take in their negativity. Try to surround yourself with positive people.

2.  Meditate.

Meditation helps you control your thoughts better. In addition to an increased inner focus, you’ll also develop the ability to visualize things in your mind.

You’ll sharpen your attention and get faster into the state of mindfulness. In this state, you act as a neutral observer and can perceive things impartially, without the automatisms of the subconscious mind (judging, interpreting, contextualizing).

Mindfulness is the prerequisite to keep your self-talk (see above) better under control.

3. Be yourself

Love yourself the way you are.

You’re unique, with your own strengths and weaknesses. No human being is like you. That’s why you shouldn’t compare yourself with others. Be satisfied with yourself and with your own performance.

Do things that make you happy the way they make you happy. Appreciate criticism only when it’s serious and meaningful. In most cases, however, you don’t need to listen to what others tell you. If you believe in something, everything is possible.

Don’t always pay attention to the well-being of others but focus on yourself. You can’t please everyone. Say No to others and Yes to yourself.

4. Raise Your Self-Confidence.

Fear is a negative emotion that often results from a lack of self-confidence. With a strengthened self-confidence you don’t form many negative thoughts at all. That’s the case because your self-confidence automatically leverages fear, distrust and other (not all!) negative thoughts with a counter-reaction.

5. Separate yourself from gossip.

Office gossip, trashy magazines while waiting in line at the grocery store, even social media ‘stalking.’ Cut that shit out right now. And when your friend starts ragging on someone else, put your hand up and stop that shit before it starts too. If you allow yourself to become a part of the conversation, you’re taking part in the gossip too. Shut it down.

6. Walk in nature.

 Studies show that a walk in nature can reduce your negative thoughts. And it also helps to improve immunity, to lower blood pressure, to boost mood, to enhance creativity, etc. It is also the reason many people grow indoor plants like cactus, lucky bamboo, etc. Plants purify the air by neutralizing toxic indoor gasses and releasing oxygen into space. They make sure there is a better flow of positive energy into space. 

7. Be responsible for your life.

You’re the key player in your life, so act like it. There is nothing in your life that you aren’t responsible for. When you go through the day with such an attitude, you’ll develop positive energy. The control that you’ll feel gives you an extra boost to your self-confidence and positive energy.

Even if something goes wrong: you’re responsible for it. Don’t shift the blame onto your friends, colleagues or ” external influences “. Even better: don’t blame anyone at all.

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