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How to attain success by following these 5 powerful daily resolutions?

      Resolutions has always been part of our life, they have been identified with new year resolutions and known for more failure to keep with the same rather than keep their resolutions.

     Why do we fail? Usually, we resolve to do something so big, so difficult, so time-consuming–we reach so high, the simple act of reaching gets tiresome. And so we quit.

   When we are moving on our way towards success, we need not to have a yearly resolution that we break the midway. There is a need to have a daily resolution which we can keep intact and pave way to the path of success.

    Do we really need some resolutions? The answer is definitely yes as it will keep us busy and engaged and help us march forward towards our desired goal.

      Team Inspiring Life provides you with the 5 everyday resolutions that can help you to attain success.

5 everyday resolutions for attaining success.

1. Eat the frog first.

The most important resolution that one should have on daily basis is that they should eat the frog first thing in the morning. This means that the most important, difficult or the work that one fears to complete should be taken up first and be completed in one go. This would not only give you an incentive to complete the job but would also increase self-confidence.

2. Execute the job you have planned.

You have plans. You have goals. You have ideas.

Who cares? You have nothing until you actually do something.

Every day, we let hesitation and uncertainty stop us from acting on our ideas. Fear of the unknown and fear of failure often stops me and may be what stops you, too.

Take a daily resolution to pick one plan, one goal, or one idea. And get started. Do something. Do anything. Just take one small step.

The first step is by far the hardest. Every successive step will be a lot easier.

3. Stop caring for what others think.

Most of the time, you should worry about what other people think–but not if it stands in the way of living the life you really want to live.

If you really want to start a business but you’re worried that people might think you’re crazy. If you really want to change careers but you’re afraid of what people might think. If you really want to start working out but you’re afraid people at the gym will think you’re fat or out of shape.

Pick one thing you haven’t tried simply because you’re worried about what other people think–and just go do it.

Take a resolution that It’s your life. Live it.

4. Do something different.

Pick one thing other people aren’t willing to do. Pick something simple. Pick something small. Whatever it is, do it.

Instantly, you’re a little different from the rest of the pack.

Then keep going. Every day, do one thing no one else is willing to do. After a week, you’ll be uncommon. After a month, you’ll be special.

After a year, you’ll be incredible, and you won’t be like anyone else.

Take a resolution that you’ll be you.

5. Telling No to someone.

Remember, you can’t do everything. You can’t help everyone. You may want to, but you can’t.

  Sometimes you just need to say no: to a favor, to a request, to a family member. Sometimes you really need to be able to focus on what is important to you.

Take a resolution that you say no at least once before the end of the month–the harder to say, the better.

And don’t worry if you feel selfish: When your heart is in the right place, what you accomplish by spending more time on your goals will eventually benefit other people, too.


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