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Why forgive someone, 5 simple reasons to learn?

It’s easy to say forgiveness heals, that it’s for the injured and not the offender, but it’s another thing entirely to forgive. It is a process rather than an event. It’s an unfolding decision, one you make again and again.

But why forgive someone who’s hurt you, even someone you love?

Sometimes, it means repairing a relationship that deserves another chance.

Other times, it means not giving power over your own life to anyone or anything else.

Still other times, you’re simply ready to remove the malice from your heart.

Extending an offer of goodness, through your pain, to the person who caused that pain is easily one of the hardest things you ever learn to do. No wonder it’s so empowering, so transformative: it take so much strength to do.

Strength you might not have realized you had.

It takes a certain level of spiritual maturity to release victimhood and offer goodness in the face of unfairness. In this way, it is one of life’s greatest teachers.

It teaches you that you’re powerful enough to turn pain into love.

It teaches you to take ownership of how you experience your experiences. It removes blame from the equation, freeing you to live by your own values regardless of whether someone else does.

It teaches you about who you are.

You’ll decide for yourself why you want or need to forgive someone else. These are some reasons of my own, ones we might have in common.

Team Inspiring Life provides 5 reasons why you should forgive others.

5 reasons to forgive.

1. Good mental health.

It takes a lot of courage and mental strength to forgive someone that caused us significant pain. When we practice this , we’re allowing any negative emotions we’ve been holding onto to release. This can make us feel mentally and emotionally lighter, which can be very freeing. The practice of forgiveness will enable us to grow mentally and emotionally stronger.

2. Helps strengthen relationship.

Any time we experience an event that causes negative emotions, we’re not the only ones affected. Others we interact with or are a part of our lives will be affected as well. By choosing to forgive, we’ll improve our emotional state, which means we’ll be more present when we interact with others.

3. Help Forgetting Past.

We cannot change anything that has happened in the past. Forgiving someone can be the start of the healing process, which will enable us to move on with our lives. As forgiveness is more for ourselves, we’ll be able to move forward and leave the past behind us.

4. Help come out of victim mode.

Past hurts, disappointments or pain can become part of our identity, if we allow it. The more we relive those experiences, the more we will associate with them. If we’re not careful, we’ll cause ourselves to be in victim mode and find it difficult to get out of it. Forgiveness allows us to reclaim our power.

5. Create positive mindset.

There are many inspirational stories of people who experienced trauma or pain, give back to their communities in some way. A driving force behind it is they don’t want others to experience what they went through. When we forgive, we’ll want to improve how we do things and be a force for positive change.

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