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Who are the Procrastinators and 5 types that exist?

Procrastinator are the persons who are all guilty of procrastinating sometimes—there’s always something more interesting than the work at hand. They usually think it’s no big deal since a deadline is their biggest inspiration, and they do their best work when they’re inspired. They may even joke about it while they become victims of the various types of procrastination.

 Procrastinator are the persons who makes the loss of productivity.

Basically, a procrastinator usually looses 55 days in a year which means that almost 2 months are lost without doing anything constructive an utter loss not only to their own career but also for the person or organisation they work for.

 There are different type of procrastinator one who dreams, one who goes for perfection and blah blah. Every procrastinator thinks the other to be worse and them as good. They forget that every type of procrastinator is bad and even worse when they fail to realise that they are the procrastinator.

In this blog we will discuss about the five most common type of procrastinator.

5 types of Procrastinator


The 5 procrastinator are discussed below, you can decide what you are:

1. Type 1: The Perfectionist.

They are the procrastinator who pay too much attention to minor details. A perfectionist is afraid to start the task at hand because they get stressed about getting every detail right. They can also get stuck in the process, even when they’ve started, since they’re too scared to move on.

 The procrastinator of this type should instead of letting their obsession with details take up all their time, be clear about the purpose of their tasks and assign a time limit to each to deal with this type of procrastination. This will force them to stay focussed and finish their task within the time frame.

2. Type 2: The Dreamer

This type of procrastinator is someone who enjoys making the ideal plan more than taking action. They are highly creative but find it hard to actually finish a task.

To stop themselves from being carried away by their endless imagination with this procrastination type, they should get their feet back on the ground by setting specific (and achievable) goals for each day based on the smart framework. They should set a goal and break down the plan into small tasks that they can take action on right away.

3. Type 3: The Avoider / Self-Saboteur.

This type of procrastinator are the worriers who are scared to take on tasks they think they can’t manage. They would rather put off work than be judged by others when they make mistakes.

  For this type of procrastinator, they should focus on the worst first to tackle this type of procrastination. Spend your morning working on what you find the most challenging. This will give you a sense of achievement, and it will help you build momentum for a productive day ahead.

4.    Type 4: The Crisis-Maker

This type of procrastinator are the crisis-maker who deliberately pushes back work until the last minute. They find deadlines (crises) exciting and believe that they work best when working under pressure, which causes them to manage their time poorly.

Being forced to rush the work because they will perform better is just an illusion because it leaves them no room for reviewing the work to make it better afterward.

For a procrastinator like this they should give their brain a regular break can boost their performance by recharging their brain’s energy, completing the tasks earlier allows them to have plenty of time to go through their work again to make it even better.

5. Type 5: The Busy Bee

This type of procrastinators are the fussy ones. They have trouble prioritizing tasks because they either have too many of them or refuse to work on what they see as unworthy of their effort. They don’t know how to choose the task that’s best for them and simply postpone making any decisions.

They have to get their priorities straight when they run into this type of procrastination. Important tasks should take priority over urgent ones because “urgent” doesn’t always mean important. They only have so much time and energy, and they don’t want to waste that on things that don’t matter.


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