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How to gain self-confidence using a 10 proven techniques?

Whatever you do and whatever be your goal in life, it is almost impossible to surge ahead if you don’t have self-confidence. Self confidence is an important tool not only to move forward in life but also a mean that would help you decide about your future goal.

There are innumerable benefits associated with self-confidence, mostly it is the internal power within a person that let’s a person to keep going but there are only a few proven techniques that helps a person to gain that self-confidence which would keep the person going.

The team inspiring life lays sown the following 10 proven techniques to gain self-confidence

10 proven techniques to gain self-confidence.

1. Take care of your physical health.

One way that you can start to feel more confident is to take care of your physical health. This means not just visiting the doctor about that lingering injury or illness but also doing everything you can to prevent them. In practice this means eating well, getting enough sleep and yes, doing some exercise.

If you’re someone that struggles with motivation, then try signing up to a group class and bring a friend or two along. We’re more likely to follow through with exercise when we are accountable to someone and having a group to encourage you on your off days may help you get into shape.

A better physical health would definitely increase your self-confidence.

2. Stop comparing yourself with others

One of the biggest enemies of self-confidence is comparing ourselves to others. When we do this, we tend to focus solely on their strengths and compare them with our own weaknesses. This not only an unhealthy thing to do but it is also a distorted reality. Stop it. If you want to learn how to be confident, don’t try to validate yourself through comparison—you’re just peachy as you are.Social media often makes this difficult. Try stepping away from your Facebook page for a few days and reconnect with the great things in your own life.

The only person you should be competing with is yourself – focus on your own progress.

3. Think Positive.

Many a times we have a lack of confidence because we fear or doubt an outcome to an event. Instead of thinking negatively about an outcome, think positively. Think of the great things that will come out of it.

In the off chance that things don’t turn out as you planned, don’t get discouraged. Instead, look at the bright side.

Maybe you didn’t get that new job, but there could be better fit for you right around the corner. You never know, so don’t get discouraged so easily. Learn to catch yourself every time you tell yourself that you can’t have, won’t get, or aren’t good enough to get what you want. Instead, tell yourself that you can have, will get, and are good enough to get what you want. Mindset is everything. Make sure yours is positive and dynamic.

When you can find the positives in all situations, you lose your fear and this is a great step in building self-confidence.

4. Focus on your body language.

Confidence comes from a variety of different elements all falling into place – one of which is your body language. Did you know that certain body positions actually lower your cortisol levels (the hormone responsible for stress) and allow your body to produce more testosterone which makes you feel more in control? If you want to project confidence then among other things you need to adopt an assertive posture.

Our body language is a clear indication of our level of confidence. Sitting or standing with our legs crossed, our shoulders hunched or arms in our lap are all submissive poses. You are trying to make yourself smaller than the other person.

If you want to be confident, act confident. Use strong, confidence body language such as a super hero pose – hands on hips, shoulders back, legs apart. Stand tall, with good posture. Claim and own the space you are in.
Not only does it increase your confidence, it is better for your overall health.

5. Learn something new.

Learning new things stretches your abilities, keeps your mind active, and most definitely improves your confidence in your ability to do new things. Always strive to learn.

If there is something you have an interest in, learn more about it. You can learn more about it for free through books from your library, online resources and guides and even at colleges.

There are plenty of colleges that offer free, no credit courses in a variety of fields. As you learn more and more, your confidence in the subject matter grows and so does your overall confidence as well.

6. Do something that scares you.

Do Something You Would Normally Say No to. Next time you talk yourself out of doing something (a party invite, a challenging project, etc.), go and do it anyway. This is a great way to boost personal development.

Write down a list of things that scare you and start knocking them off the list.

Each month, you had to do something that scares you. One time it may be looking out the window on the plane (If you hate flying). Another time it might be walking down a stairway on the side of a mountain (If you are afraid of heights).

While they will scare you at that time but they will help you to build your self-confidence.

7. Offer to help.

Volunteering your knowledge and sharing your privilege with others is a great way to boost your spirit. Often, we focus too much on what we don’t know that we forget how much we do. The act of sharing knowledge and seeing a positive reaction to it can really boost your morale, while helping others. This could be achieved through mentoring someone, volunteering for a charity or even just providing training to a colleague or employee at work.

8. Do one positive thing daily that keeps you happy.

There are many things that you do will bring smile in your face. Do that one thing that would bring smile in your face and makes you happy. The positive vibes coming out of that one thing will make your day feel good.

      This could be something as simple as sending a thank you email to a colleague that has been helpful to you, or leaving a surprise present for your partner that they’ll discover when they wake up.

     Life shouldn’t be drudgery, and we all need to make the effort to keep it light, loving, and fun.

9. Meditate.

When you are busy, overwhelmed and distracted it is easier to lose confidence than it is when you are calm, in control and feel secure within yourself. Take time out each day to meditate in whatever form you are most comfortable with. Getting centred regularly enables you to clear your mind, focus and feel more confident.

10. Music.

Music is powerful, it can change your mood completely. Look how music is used in movies and the media to coney emotion, make you sympathetic to the victim, get your blood pumping in dramatic action scenes or scare your in a horror film.

       Start taking note of how music makes you feel and create a confidence playlist to use when you need a boost. I have playlists for motivation, working out, cleaning and certain songs I play before I go on a stage to speak. Music can help you overcome fears and project a sense of confidence.


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