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Which 7 hacks helped me comeback from a setback situations?

    Life is quite unpredictable and so are the nuances attached with it. Setback and comeback two part of the coin. Today, the life may see the bright colours of life and tomorrow there will be darkness of cloud. Although, it is true that comeback in life is required but it is also true that this is not an easy path, if not, followed properly.

      I have myself gone through several instances of the setbacks in my life that have taken either in the form educational, personal, professional and many others some of them because of my inability to take decision at the right time while others because of things beyond my control.

      Setback due to any reason whether by the self-fault or for reasons beyond our control deserves an equitable comeback. Most interesting thing is that the problem in our life comes in a series of pack, they don’t ever come alone. This make the comeback more difficult.

   The Inspiring Life team provides a list of 7 hacks that can help a fitting comeback from any setback.

7 hacks for comeback from any set back.

1. Decide for a Comeback.

The first step for comeback from any set back is that you have to decide that you want a change. Actively make a conscious decision to change your thought processes. Every time you doubt yourself, counter those thoughts with ways you can overcome. Remember most of your problems are in your head. That’s not to say they don’t exist – merely that you’re allowing them to affect you. Stand up to and for yourself, and you’ll learn ways to stand up to and for everyone else.

2. Accept the Mistakes.

The setbacks of our life may be an outcome of either our own fault or by circumstances. The process toward comeback necessitates that wherever the fault has been on account of our fault, the same should be accepted by us. Looking back (even while it was happening), we judge Michael Jordan on his successes. People quote him as the greatest basketball player of all time and use his wins, championships and statistics to back it up. Jordan himself, though, reached that level by focusing on his failures. What drove Michael Jordan wasn’t the high from making a game-winning shot, it was the low of missing one.

3. Ready to face the fear.

I always feared water and river and hence during one of my comeback situations I dared to challenge myself to face this fear. Yes, I went for rafting in the Ganges for 13Km.

Similarly, everyone has a list of fears and phobias, although many don’t want to admit it. I’m afraid of snakes, spiders, heights, loss of control, drowning, the dark, other people, and just about everything under the sun. I’m even afraid of the sun since I have moles and have a high melanoma risk. These are natural fears that everyone has on some level or another – it’s a fear of death and the unknown. Face at least one of your fears. When you survive, you’ll be that much more confident.

4. Live in the Present.

Learn to appreciate everything around you. By practicing gratitude, you’ll change your perspective. Instead of being upset about losing an important client or failing a test, you’ll be grateful for the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, and the people you love. Focus on the now, because it’s all you truly have.

5. Define Yourself.

You are your present choices. Your past decisions and future aspirations determine how your present choices are perceived, but you are your present choices. Learn how to define yourself. Set your rules and boundaries and follow them. These are your morals and ethics, and they’re the foundation of who you are. Never forget that.

6. Take one step at a time.

Everything happens in steps. Don’t get discouraged if there’s no magical change that suddenly makes you confident. Focus on your path, and understand it’ll take baby steps to get where you want. You’ll soon be taking baby steps from confidence to full-on success in life.

7. Be Social.

Talk things out with friends and family – they’re normally happy to help you regain confidence. If they (or lack thereof) are the reason you lack confidence, expand your social circle. Go to public places and interact with strangers. If you fail to make an impression or completely blow it, who cares? They weren’t in your life before, and you won’t miss them.


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