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Fear is what keeps happiness away from you?.

Friends, I would like to share you an experience I had gone through eons ago. I being an unusual character and is known for a fear towards adventure suddenly a desire to go for rafting and that to on the flowing water of Ganges hit my brain. That morning although I was not sure but somewhere in my mind there was a greed to succeed in adventure sports that I jumped all my way for rafting. It was 16 Km long distance full of rapids that were ready to take out the heart from an individual, specially for a person who did not know swimming. After I reached the end point, I was in ecstasy ready to enclose all those moments within me forever. I did it, I finally did it surpassing all my fear I rafted for 3 hrs covering a distance of 16 Km.

That day I realized that fear is nothing but thought of an unknown result of an action. Why do we fear? We think that we will loose, not able to get what we thought upon. It was at that time, I contemplated the reasons for my successful rafting and how I swamped the fear – one thing that I would definitely agree upon that I enjoyed every moment of the rafting, yes I enjoyed it and so the fear was conquered. Not a single moment I thought of reaching the bank but I concentrated on the moment, not the result.

Fear is a very primitive emotion of a human being and it makes a person non-intuitive. One may fear darkness another light, one has the phobia of crowd another fears solidarity. The psycholgy of fear is nothing but walking on the safe zone and not treading the road unknown. It is the irrationality hidden in the form of fear that prevents a person to evaluate his inner talent and the moment you are able to vanquish the fear you can see the change.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Come and view the world beyond this ZONE. Shun fear and take risk you will start loving yourself. Just believe in one thing that why should you fear, just because you think that you may fail. What is the rationality behind this? Someone known to you have failed while taking risk and that might have struck and you fear taking risk. Just forget it and go and grab the opportunity, you create your own opportunity. You have to believe that you are the luckiest person in this world and will see how your fear vanishes. Be intuitive but not irrational.  

You are the person who is the real assessor of yourself and only a person who can assess his own worth can actually succeed. Another reason that you fear is only when you fail to assess your real worth. If you know what you are, you should not fear because you will then be doing only that which you love. It prevents you from marching ahead, it restrains you, strains you all because you don’t know the outcome of your endeavor. Forget the outcome, just live in the moment and enjoy the life.

I do remember a friend once saying, “What would happen if I fail?” This is a real perception that haunts everybody, forgetting the notion that failure is a very relative term because there is nothing as ultimate failure. It’s always in comparison to another person’s view and the environment we remain in. Why should you ever think that you will fail, why not look in the mirror of your soul that would help you know who you are – a person who is remaining hidden in the clutter of mental menace called fear.

So, the ultimate thing is know your real self, get away from the fear and you will find the real glee. There is one very interesting story from the Vedas which is worth sharing. There is a story of a lion calf brought up together with a flock of sheep. The baby lion was living on the grass along with other sheep in the loving care of a shepherd boy. He even started bleating like a lamb. One day a lion suddenly appeared from the wooded hill on the other side of a rivulet and jumped over the small stream and came very close to the flock of sheep. Every sheep started running for life and so did the baby lion. The big lion was surprised to see that the lion calf was eating grass like the lambs, bleating like a lamb and was running for life, full of fear at the sight of the lion. The big lion then caught hold of the baby lion, letting the lambs go and dragged him to a nearby clear and transparent lake. He then told the baby lion to see his reflection in the lake water and also see the reflection of the big lion, and having seen both the reflections the baby lion roared like a real lion and all his fears vanished.

Then there is another famous story in the Vedas that a boy was walking on the road in darkness and suddenly stopped at a point, stricken with fear, by seeing what he thought was a serpent. He was immobilized with fear. Soon another boy came with a torch in hand and the latter told the former that what he had thought to be a serpent was really a thick twine. He then focussed the torch on the twine and by seeing the true nature of the object, he became fearless.

The above two stories reflect the essence of the life wherein the fear has been described as irrational and without reasons, it is the only thought of something worse without enquiring into the reality behind it. Further, fear is the result of your failure to assess your real self. The moment you know what you are, your fear vanishes and you are into a new world.

Finally, be rational as well intuitive so that you can not only come out of the biological and emotional disorder called fear. I call it a disorder because anything that checks your growth and prosperity is a disorder.

So shun fear and remain happy.


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