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Which 5 ways Dark Motivation helps to attain great success?

 Dark motivation is a form of motivation that is based on a certain urge to complete tasks and improve yourself in any way possible. It’s caused by different feelings that are negative, but very powerful. It’s natural for a human being to feel jealousy, insecurity, and the urge to compare. Although it’s good to let go of those feelings, they can sometimes be a great resource.

    Dark Motivation is a very powerful way to motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself towards your goals. The pain of sitting at home and doing nothing urged me to exit that situation by taking action. Even when I ended up getting too little sleep.

    Everyone wants to feel positive all the time. Unfortunately, this is not possible. No matter who we are, there are times we feel like we are not enough or we cannot keep up with somebody more talented or greater than us.

     At times like this, the typical reaction is to fill our surroundings with positive thoughts and try to work our best.

    But these negative feelings at their core are believed to be harmful, are not so in reality.  It is the thoughts and actions we partake in based on them that harm us.

      If we try to make these negative feelings to our benefit, we can see that everything can be functional, even if it’s called negative.

            5 ways in which Dark Motivation can help attain success.

dark motivation
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1.Fighting away negative thoughts.

Although this type of motivation is based on negative feelings, in a way, it can also be a great way to stop them in itself.

Let’s say you have tons of undone tasks you have kept putting off to the last minute.

When you feel the insecurity or anxiety of being behind schedule and not doing your job, getting tasks done helps you get rid of these feelings.

The faster you get to work, the faster you can dismiss negative thoughts.

We can use this strategy for almost any feeling, but we will use stress as an example for now. The philosophy is quite simple:

A problem stresses you out

You use dark techniques of motivation to avoid that problem.

Your hard work resolves that problem

You are not stressed anymore.

Just like that, you can ask for help from the dark side of motivation to see the bright side of life.

2. Helps get rid of procrastination.

The dark thoughts, the thought of your failure or losing from your opponent are the vision that can be diverted into a positive side and will never give you an idle mind to waste.

    The moment you find yourself lost in non-essential and getting diverted from goal and nothing else is motivating you. Think about the worse in your life and believe that this worse can be overcome by your dedication to your purpose.

      This will help you come out of your slumber and procrastination.

3. Help identify SWOT.

The dark side of your life, the aspect of your life that you may feel or have known to have been harmful to you can actually help you to analyze your SWOT and become dark motivation.

If you can handle the situation well then you can easily analyze your strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats that are around you and within you.

4. Complements your daily routine.

The Dark motivation can also help you to complement your daily routine. Your daily routine and your path to success may sometimes make you dredged, any sort of normal motivations might not be of many benefits and you may require these dark motivations to arise from your slumber.

5. Helps create a clear mindset.

The Dark motivation not only helps you to complement your daily routine but it also provides you with a clear mindset wherein you will be able to make a distinction of what to compare and what not and how to proceed towards your goal can be made more better.

 One note of caution, take dark motivation with care.


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