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5 reasons not to worry.

Worry is a petrifying emotion. It cucks the confident, breaks the brave, and defeats the daring. It is like trying to travel using a rocking chair as your vehicle. You’re doing something, but also nothing.

Worry is the little voice in the back of your head who whispers, “But what if it goes wrong?” Worry laughs at your confidence when the possibility for failure exists.

There are many reasons to be concerned. There are no reasons to worries. Worry is an emotional state of panic while concern is a logical perspective, concluded by a series of facts or opinions that create a concise narrative.

Everyone wants to worry less. Few of us manage it. Never ignore your problems. Don’t feel emotions for your problems either. If you’re concerned, there is a problem and a problem requires a plan to absolve.

Saying you shouldn’t worries about your problems is a red card in the age of forced sensitivity training and glorified weakness.

Being worry free is beautiful. Not only do you free yourself from suffering, but you also free your time to solve the conflict that distempers you. Removing your worry by consciously choosing to feel different promotes action. Worries spawns paralysis and overthinking.

Being stuck in one place is a terrible fate. Solitary confinement for your legacy.

It is difficult to control worries, like trying to drive a semi-truck with a steering wheel covered in butter.

To live a good life, you have to control your emotions and control your worries.

Life is better without worries.

Team Inspiring Life provides you with 5 reasons as to why you should not worry.

                           5 reasons not to worry.

1.No benefits of worry.

Worry is an enemy emotion that will hijack your brain like a computer virus. If you let it. There will never be a conflict in your life you will improve by worrying. 

Think about your life for a moment before continuing.Can you think of a single circumstance when it improved your life? It doesn’t improve your life and neither does being a victim. The new media lied; identifying with your weaknesses makes you a slave to them.

If you identify with your weakness, you become glued in a character arc that never gets better. If you play the victim, you will forever be a loser who never gets what they want.

2.  Worrying is a luxury

Worrying is an unnecessarily luxury.

All of the time spent worrying is empty and distracting; it keeps you from solving your problems, therefore it is a luxury, or better put, procrastination.

Low-value individuals worry the most. They haven’t enough responsibility to prevent worrying nor do they have the experience.

Great leaders realized this as a luxury that will increase the chance of failure.

Instead of worrying, successful leaders make plans and execute their will on the world.

3. This time will pass too.

Whatever you are worried about may never happen, or will happen anyway, whether or not you worried or face your concern with the confidence.

No matter what, your worries will always pass. They have to. Whether you like it or not, time is moving forward and you are dragged along; you being the infant child, time being the parent dragging you by the wrist from the cereal aisle, away from pleasure, toward a painful outcome that may or may not be an opportunity for growth.

Regardless of whether or not your worries are from the challenge or calamity, it will pass. If you have cancer and expect to die, you’ll simply die. Make your preparations to leave the world and your family & friends better off than when you died.

You choose to perceive everything that happens to you in the way you see fit. Your life isn’t meant to be fair, it is meant to be protected, and unfortunately, challenged.

You can only control what you can control. You won’t be able to control, or even see, many of the evils that will penetrate your world, but you can prepare for them. Then decide how you will perceive them. What you are worried about today will be forgotten in a short time. Face the inevitable with a smile.

4.   Worry increases heart rate

Worrying makes your breathing shallow. A research has found that  worries, anxiety, and depression are bad for your heart.

Worries causes your body to work harder to pump blood throughout your body. An increased heart rate makes you stressed. Your stress makes you panic, worries, and all-together, a less efficient individual.

Meditation will help you control your stress, your heart-rate, and create a blanket-calm you carry with you like a shield. Whether your panic or not you still have to face the conflict presented before you.

Don’t worry

5.  Worry creates excess thoughts

You can’t change the challenges that come. You can change how you face challenges if you can think clearly. Excessive worries creates excessive thoughts. Drowning in thoughts can be similar to drowning in murky water: feeling out of control, lost, and without a sense of direction.

You can’t change what is going to happen, but you can change your thoughts.  Your thoughts change your perception. You can control whether or not you feel fear.

Excessive thoughts are like rust on a warrior’s armor. A little rust won’t kill you, and may even be a good thing to remind you, the stakes are dire. If you’re too worried, you’ll become a locomotive trying to run full-speed on rusted tracks and you won’t go anywhere.

Don’t let your feelings and your fear create excessive thoughts. To perform at your best you need to clear your mind. If you get locked in a whirlpool of bad thoughts, breathe deeply and intensely, like hyperventilation. You need to get out of your head. 


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