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Success Mantra

5 ways to increase productivity

The productivity is an important part of any organisation and the individual. The success of an individual depends on the better productivity of its employee. The following are the steps one should follow to improve their productivity:

1. Maintaining Physical and Mental Health.

Physical and mental health is the most important aspect and needs to be rigorously followed. Physical health involves proper diet taken timely and along with that daily routine exercise. Besides, you need to have proper rest time. Lack of sleep will always keep you irritated and hence this will impact your productivity negatively.

So, remember healthy diet proerly taken in time alongwith exercise and a proper sleep is a must as a first step for increasing your productivity.

2. Proper planning

Planning properly for your final output is another must for increasing your productivity. You should plan your activity taking into consideration the  fact and the  actual result expected.  In this case one should plan according to your  target and available resources so that the target is achieved properly this is an important step in achieving your productivity.

3. Setting short term goal.

Keep in mind that your main goal or your esteem that you want to achieve has to go through many subgoals and sub- planning. In order to make your final goal achievable you should go for short term goals and make it a point that you achieved your short term goals in a time period that you have planned. This will not only help you in achieving your final goal properly but this will also help you to  keep you motivated in continuing your efforts for the final goal.

4. Taking break.

Don’t forget that achieving your goal also means that you should take a break. It is an old saying that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.  So this applies here too, in order to achieve your goal you need to take a break. A short break every time you feel that it’s going to hard or to tough for you  and this well help you to rejuvenate and gain energy to work in a more better way in enabling you to achieve your short term and long term goal properly.

5. Learning from previous mistakes.

The most important thing that goes on to increase the productivity is to keep track from the mistakes that you make. Mistakes are inevitable when you work, don’t believe that if you make the proper planning and have lot of supporting sub- goals and you work efficiently means you will achieve your final goal without making any mistake as this is a Utopian thought. Whenever you make mistake you should not feel sorry upon.  You should realise that yes you have made the mistake and you have done this so the next step is to rectify your mistake.  Go ahead with plans and you’ll find that you are moving towards success, so remember that making mistakes is not an issue but repeating the mistake is where you need to rethink. So stop repeating the mistakes and learn from your previous mistakes that you have done.


April 18, 2024 at 9:31 pm

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

April 14, 2024 at 12:33 am

Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.

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