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Which 5 secrets do the book ” The Secrets” teaches us?

The Secret is the first book by Rhonda, which outlays the premises of the Law of Attraction, and the following books lead you to trajectories using the law of attraction.

What if you get to know that you have the magic wand in your hand to lead your life more successfully, more passionately, more luxuriously, more love, respect, and fame can be attracted towards your way, just by applying ‘The Secret”.

The natural law of the world is simple and we all are following, rather are supposed to follow the same law. It is the law that gives reality to your ambitions, your wishes, your dreams, your perseverance, even your fears, negativities, bitterness, and loathsomeness; and all these follow the same law- The Law of Attraction! So, here is a glimpse of what ‘The Secret’- the book, teaches us!

5 secrets the book ” The Secret” teaches us.


1. If You Can Think About It In Your Mind You Can Bring It Into Your Life.

This “Secret” lesson has been mentioned several times throughout the book. Whether you want money, a job, a house by the beach, or a lover to spend the rest of your life with, all of this can be achieved through your thoughts. Whatever you choose to think will become your life experience. So whatever you think about in your mind, you can attract it into your life. Visualize yourself having all the things you desire, affirm it to the universe and it shall be yours. As you read through the book, you will find a lot of explanations that you can use them to your advantage.

2. You Can Change Your Life By Changing Your Thoughts

When you are confused about what you are feeling, ask yourself “how am I feeling?” Once you understand what your dominant thoughts are, you can change them accordingly. It is important to understand that it is impossible to feel bad and have good thoughts at the same time. If you are feeling bad, it is because you are thinking about things that are making you feel bad. As you continue to feel bad and in turn, don’t make any effort to change your thoughts to feel better, you are ultimately saying to the universe “bring me more circumstances that will make me feel bad”.

Seize all the moments that you are feeling good and you will be able to attract more good things into your life. Thus you can change your life by changing your thoughts. By thinking about positive thoughts and doing things that make you happy, you will be in a very high frequency. This will allow more positive events into your life.

3. The Law Of Attraction Cannot Perceive A “Good” Or A “Bad”.

Choose Wisely the Law of attraction cannot differentiate between negative and positive thoughts. Hence it is essential to attract what you want by consciously thinking about positive thoughts. The Universe doesn’t discriminate between good and bad. It simply fulfills what you command. One of the most important lessons you should follow from “The Secret” is to make it a habit to choose positive thoughts. This doesn’t entirely mean that you will ignore negative thoughts. It is essential to learn how to snap out of it. Drowning in negative thoughts will only welcome more negative events in your life.

4. When You Complain, The Law Of Attraction Will Bring More Situations To Complain About.

The law of attraction clearly states that “like attracts like”. So when you complain about your current circumstances the universe must present you with more situations to complain about. So the next time you are feeling upset or complaining about something, keep in mind that you attract what you continually think or talk about. You are blocking all the good things by being in a negative frequency. Change your thoughts and positive events in your life will follow.

5. It Takes Many Negative Thoughts And Persistent Negative Thinking To Bring Negative Events Into your Life.

We’ve all heard the saying “what you allow is what will continue”. The same can be applied to negative thoughts. When you allow negative thoughts into your life every day, the law of attraction will continue to bring negative events into your life. We’ve all had those days when one thing after the other goes wrong. Whether you are aware of it or not, this chain reaction began with just one negative thought.

So, alter your persistent negative thoughts with positive ones to get the things you desire in your life. One of the greatest lessons from “The Secret” is to stop your chain of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones to achieve the desired outcome.


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