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How to live a purposeful life in 10 power steps?

Have you ever thought? When you wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV and then fall asleep only to do the exact same thing the next day? Is this a purposeful life?

The truth is, without purpose life we feel meaningless.

Life isn’t just about staying alive. It’s about living for something bigger. To connect with your desires, excitement and things that actually matter. To touch, smell, and feel the awakening of every cell in your body.

Moving towards such life might sound complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

To help you, here are 10 things you need to do for living a powerful life.

              10 power steps for purposeful life.

1. Create a compelling future.

Creating a compelling future is key. If we know where we’re going, it’s easier to know what to focus on and why doing it matters.

Two great ways to get clearer on what you desire for your future self, is to write and meditate. Simply ask yourself “How does my ideal life look like 3 years from now?” Then open up to receive information either by writing down what comes to mind, or by meditating on it.

2. Know your Why?

What’s the purpose of everything you do? Do you have one or several “why’s” connecting it? If the answer is “no”, you won’t feel connected to purposeful life.

Kids know this inherently. They always ask “why” to everything. “Why should I clean my room?” and “Why should I finish my dinner?” Because let’s face it. If there’s no great purpose to what we’re doing – why even bother?

So, look at your schedule and what you’re agreeing to do. Do you know your “why” for them? If yes, then keep going. If not, then start questioning if that’s even something you should spend your time on.

3. Focus on one thing.

        Follow 80/20 of your life.  Pareto’s Law says that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts.  Look at every area of your life from your work day to your wardrobe; from your friendships to your finances; from your possessions to your future plans.  What if I told you that you had to cut 80% from every area?  What 20% would keep?  More than likely, that is the 20% that will make the biggest impact on your life.  Focus on those “Big Wins.”

4. Seek Guidance.

Seek guidance in finding a new direction, and gaining support for learning what it is you must do to move into authenticity. An ideal way to begin this process is to sit on your cushion, in quiet meditation, and listen to the story you are telling yourself; and recognize that the story and thought behind it is not real, but just passing thoughts, and like all unconscious thought arising to capture your attention, takes you out of living in the present moment– the only real opportunity we have to live life.

5. Gain Clarity about yourself.

Research and gain clarity about your personal self your values, strengths, passions, and qualities of goodness,  and aligning those qualities into and claiming your Soul Purpose that to which you are called to be and express in life, along with the intention of serving the greater good and needs of humanity.

purposeful life
6. Plan your next step.

Always know “What’s next.”  What are the key things you need to do at work tomorrow?  What is the next trip you’re planning?  What is the next date night with your spouse or activity with your kids?  Don’t just be O.K. with what the day throws at you.  Have an agenda.  To help in this area, I use a free digital planner.

7. Act today and remain on now.

Don’t wait for a better moment. For some day in the future when everything would magically fall into place. Then, I’d be ready to take action. But, that day never came until I made the decision for it to come.

Stop waiting for better times or circumstances. Things will never be ideal. You’ll always be able to point at something to say “that’s why I never did it”. Why things won’t work will always there, but so will the reasons why it will.

So, start taking steps, no matter how small, in the right direction today for achieving purposeful life.

8. Insights and inspiration.

 Take action based on insights and inspired ideas, while staying mindful of limiting beliefs and stories you tell yourself that arise from your conditioned past; and working with your coach to take back authority over your thoughts and feelings, and create new thinking that supports your highest intentions.

9. Be positive even in face of obstacles.

Obstacles can show up in the form of beliefs, people, or situations. Some see obstacles as a stop sign; as proof that what they were planning to do isn’t working. Trust that life always is guiding you in the right direction. In that process, it’s also showing you what needs tweaking, change or a new perspective. In short, what looks like an obstacle is simply guidance of where you need to grow and develop.

So, instead of seeing things that hinder you as blockages, see them as your guidance.  Try to learn the lessons from such obstacles. See them as a message to you from life – and then show up for the lesson.

10. Finally substract not add to your life.

It’s not in adding (whether it’s cars, clothes, prestige, or money) that we find happiness and growth, but in subtracting.

Successful individuals realize this on a deep level. They also realize that the only reason they don’t have what they want is because of their own limiting beliefs about what they can accomplish.

Successful individuals consciously or unconsciously eliminate beliefs that don’t support their vision, replacing them with beliefs that do.


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