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How to develop your inner strength in 5 easy steps?

“If you’re saying you can’t do something, why are you here? You’ve already made the decision in your mind that you can’t do it.” – Michael Phelps

   There is one thing which is quite certain in this world and it’s inconsistency. The journey is always a series of ups and downs. Challenges come and become obstacles. Opportunities become triumphs. But among all these variable there is one consistency and that is you, and how you deal with all the change. If you are weak inside, you will be batted about like a rowboat in a hurricane. But those who cultivate inner strength are able to weather any storm and can travel great distances at speed when the seas are calm.

The question now is what is inner strength and how you develop it? The ‘inner strength’ might sound like one of those new-age concepts that you can’t quite distil into a strict definition. It’s something that everybody seems to know a bit about, but nobody can offer a complete and unifying explanation.

    But if we were to take on a more ‘palpable’ approach, inner strength refers to a set of talents and skills that allows you to survive and thrive in your environment. It also involves a particular mindset that drives you to pursue growth, innovation, and excellence.

Team inspiring life provide you with the 5 steps to develop your inner strength.

                5 Steps to develop your inner strength

1. Discover your talents

What is the one thing that you believe you’re good at? Something that you enjoy doing; something that generates exciting results. Unlike skills, talents involve an inborn, biological component. However, you still need to refine them by engaging in activities that allow you to exercise your talents.

The best way to discover your talents is by recollecting your childhood years. What were the things that you enjoyed doing? How did you – as a kid – spend your days? In what activities did you perform at your best? And most importantly, is there a way to put those talents to good use and improve the quality of your current life?

2. Set a routine.         

Every ounce of energy wasted drains your inner strength. Why do things inefficiently and redundantly? Control what you can control so you can focus your efforts and brainpower on the things you can’t control. Grab a notebook. Separate your daily tasks into repetitive tasks and thinking tasks. Then create processes and routines for the repetitive tasks. You’ll be thrilled with the time and brain space you just found.

3. Invest in your skill.

Aside from the talents you are (in part) born with, you will also need to invest in your abilities. Building inner strength is as much about investing in personal growth as it is about self-exploration and self-discovery.

In broad lines, a skill refers to your ability to do something well or above average. It’s about striving to excel in a given area of expertise and aiming for great results.

When it comes to building inner strength, you will need both personal and professional skills, given that inner power impacts your work as much as it impacts your personal life.

Ultimately, it all comes down to exploring your skill set and finding ways to improve it.

inner strength
4.  Create the right circle.

As we mentioned before, inner strength requires a growth-oriented mindset that helps you cultivate innovation and excellence. And what better way to nurture this kind of mentality, if not by spending time with like-minded people? Hanging out with the wrong people can deplete your energy with every visit. Their inner weakness can suck the life from your inner core. Build your world with others who are strong inside. Keep company with those who celebrate you and feed positive energy into your life. Be brutal and protective about the company you keep. One sour person can take down the whole community.

5. Be patient.

One of the most important aspects to consider when building your inner strength is patience. Growth doesn’t happen overnight; you need to invest in this goal on a daily basis and take advantage of each learning opportunity life throws down your path.

You might not feel the positive effects today or tomorrow, but rest assured knowing that as long as you stick to this path, good things are bound to happen.


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