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10 things to inspire from life of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, the great scientist and physicist of all time. His life story about his childhood and what he had achieved finally is the testimony of life and the same inspires a person to attain the highest point one wants to reach. Working and proceeding towards your dream or the thing you love makes you genius.

Inspire Albert Einstein

      Einstein was born on 14th March 1879 in Germany. His father was a well-known engineer and a salesman. He was born in a middle class family and excelled beyond any body’s imagination. He is till today known as the greatest genius mathematician and physicist who has ever lived. His early interest in physics and mathematics can be attributed to his father’s company that sold devices that ran on direct current.

      Much to his mother’s disbelief, he was never good at school, the things that were taught there were too bland for his taste. Some might hate him for doing this but at the age of 16, he revoked his own country’s citizenship so that he could not be forced to join the army. He then went to Switzerland and failed a school entrance exam because of poor French skills. Undeterred by this failure, he took a year to perfect his skill and then attended Polytechnic to study the subjects he loved so much; Math’s and Physics. After graduating he could not find any suitable position. It was in 1902 that he got a shot at joining the Swiss Patent Office; it was there that he conducted research and presented the public with theories that shook and broke open the laws of Physics.

      The child who was not at all a genius and had been rebuked several times because of his low development I studies had turned out to be an outstanding genius. Einstein suffered a lot in his initial year, because of the frequent failure of his father’s business. His studies suffered. After graduation in 1900, Einstein faced one of the greatest crises in his life. Because he studied advanced subjects on his own, he often cut classes; this earned him the animosity of some professors, especially Heinrich Weber. Unfortunately, Einstein asked Weber for a letter of recommendation. Einstein was subsequently turned down for every academic position that he applied to. He further reached his lowest point of life after his fathers death with no income and job he could hardly sustain life. However, he did not lost hope. He started a small job of clerk in patent office and there he started visualising his dreams. He would quickly finish analyzing patent applications, leaving him time to daydream about the vision that had obsessed him since he was 16: What would happen if you raced alongside a light beam? While at the polytechnic school he had studied Maxwell’s equations, which describe the nature of light, and discovered a fact unknown to James Clerk Maxwell himself—namely, that the speed of light remains the same no matter how fast one moves. This violates Newton’s laws of motion, however, because there is no absolute velocity in Isaac Newton’s theory. This insight led Einstein to formulate the principle of relativity: “the speed of light is a constant in any inertial frame (constantly moving frame).”

During 1905, often called Einstein’s “miracle year,” he published four papers in the Annalen der Physik, each of which would alter the course of modern physics.

Now the ten lessons that you learn from the life of Albert Einstein are

  1. Do what you are comfortable with.
  2. Don’t forget your dreams.
  3. Chase your dream.
  4. Be free to challenge the norms.
  5. Be optimistic.
  6. Utilize your spare time in cultivating your dreams.
  7. Remain Curious and hungry.
  8. Learn from everyday observations.
  9. Remain Perseverance.
  10.  Do your work with confidence.

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