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How Marilyn Monroe ‘s life teaches 7 lessons for life?

      Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California. Monroe was named Norma Jeane Mortenson at birth (later baptized as Norma Jeane Baker). Growing up, Monroe spent much of her time in foster care and in an orphanage.

      In 1937, a family friend and her husband, Grace and Doc Goddard, took care of Monroe for a few years. The Goddards were paid $25 weekly by Monroe’s mother to raise her.

  Marilyn didn’t have a very happy childhood. She never knew her father and her mother had schizophrenia, which is a type of mental illness. Marilyn spent her younger years living with foster parents. Foster parents are people that take kids in who need a home. Marilyn suffered abuse in several of these homes. She also spent two years in an orphanage.

   At the age of 16, the family Marilyn was living with arranged for her to get married. The family couldn’t take care of her, so instead of being placed in another foster home, Marilyn wed Jimmy Dougherty, a merchant marine. The marriage lasted four years.

   In 1954, Marilyn married Joe DiMaggio, the legendary Yankees baseball player. But just nine months later, the couple split up. Marilyn also married playwright, Arthur Miller, but it, too, ended in divorce.

   One day, when Marilyn was working in a factory, a photographer came by. He snapped pictures of Marilyn, which landed her a job as a model. She soon had a movie contract. By the 1950s, Marilyn was on her way to becoming a movie star. She would make 29 films over her career.

      Team Inspiring Life provides you with 7 lessons from the life of Marilyn Monroe.

7 lessons to learn from the life of Marilyn Monroe.

1. Believe in your gut feeling.

   She has often said that ” Always stick to your gut feeling. Women intuition knows the best”

   Her belief is also the lesson that her life teaches. Through all the adversaries in life She had grown out to be one of the most celebrated actress bollywood ever had. 

   It was her gut feeling and a desire to follow her intuition does She able to attain the success.

2. Learn from mistakes.

During one of her interview Marilyn Monroe said that Mistakes are simply a part of life. Learn from them and keep your head held high.

   Her life provides with a deep insight as to how she learnt from her failure and her failures did not let her loose hope.

3. Being self confident.

    It is only her self confidence that took her from her troubled childhood from orphanage to the celebrity status. 

   She believed in her own confidence. Built her self confidence and believed in her own power and capacity.

4. It’s better to regret than to fear.

Throughout her life Marilyn Monroe believed and acted on one thing that there is no place of fear in her life. 

  She would do whatever she liked and thought of. It was her belief that it is better to get rid of fear than to regret by not doing anything.

5. Don’t be afraid of critics.

In her career She had to face some extreme critics and they were very harsh.

  Her critics did not made her move back but She enjoyed her every criticism because She felt that when you are successful you should enjoy your criticism.

6. Be spontaneous

If you want to be successful in your life, you have to be spontaneous. Spontaneity breaks the monotony and it makes the life more enjoyable and easy while you proceed to your success path.

7. Keep smiling.

One important lesson that Marilyn Monroe taught us is always to keep.smiling. Smiling is an answer to all the critics, it is an index to show to the world your happiness and success.

The world will never appreciate your sad face or depressing look but will definitely give a liking to your smiling face.

 Success not only depends on your work but also your approach to it and your smile is reflective of the same.


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